Home Business Internet Marketing

Home Business and Internet Marketing are two very broad terms and hence need to be defined separately. Home Business is essentially a business that is based, built or run from, one’s home; the business can be a range of things from stuffing and sending envelopes to a fully fledged website designing business. The key here is that it is run from ‘Home’. More and more people are deciding to escape the rat race and set up work from home; the benefits of this is endless and financial freedom can be achieved through a home based business, as opposed to working 9 to 5. With a typical ‘JOB’ you are not leveraging your time and not building any assets, but you can do BOTH with a home business.

The term Internet Marketing is now so diverse but fundamentally, it involves the marketing of products or services over the Internet. Almost every business either has or can benefit from an Internet Presence and by marketing its products online. This can be achieved from a simple banner advertisement on another website to the establishment of a dedicated website. The core marketing principle – getting your message across – also applies with Internet Marketing.

There is a general relationship with a Home Business and Internet Marketing. Nowadays, most home based businesses are Internet based due to the accessibility and effectiveness of the Internet. The tide is shifting in the sense that one will struggle (or indeed miss out) with a home based business unless he/she takes advantage of the Internet marketing platform. The Internet has brought a whole new dimension to marketing and home based business.

Traditionally, most people who were involved with a home based business, say a MLM, used various time consuming marketing tactics. A typical Multi-Level Marketer might approach family and friends, hand out postcards/flyers, post a classified ad on a newspaper, invite people to seminars etc. These are all valid and useful marketing methods, but the Internet can provide a much more sophisticated marketing platform. The key benefits of Internet Marketing are listed below:

  1. GLOBAL REACH – you are not limited to your friends and family
  2. COST EFFECTIVE – the Internet in general has lower advertising costs
  3. Ability to provide an INSTANT response
  4. TRACKING visitors and hence deriving effectiveness of advertising

It can therefore be noted that the Internet is now KEY to marketing and indeed home business. Traditional MLMs (and other home businesses) have taken note and positioned themselves to take advantage.